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Peach Iced Tea
Singles To Go

Singles To Go

Excellent Source

of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to help protect the body
and is essential for good health.

Sugar Free

Gluten Free


Lemonade Flavors

Our Lemonade drink mixes are the perfect amount of tart & sweet.

Tea Flavors

Make your water less boring with
our Iced Tea drink mixes.

Fruit Flavors

A refreshing and delicious addition to your plain old water.

Featured On
Hungry Girl


Available Near You

For Every Occasion


Mix up more flavor with our 12 quart canister drinks.

Variety Packs

Our variety packs offer flavors for the whole family.

Pitcher Packs

Share the flavor with our pitcher pack drink mixes.

Singles To Go

Flavor your water anywhere, anytime with our singles-to-go.

25+ Years
of Awareness

We’re proud to be Together in Teal®
and support the fight against
Ovarian Cancer.

Over 10K Reviews

4.8 Average Rating

Roseanne G

“It’s much tastier than any other brand and it’s even better than fresh squeezed lemonade”
– Roseanne G
Wyler’s Light – Lemonade


“Great taste! Been trying to drink a lot more water recently, and these help with changing up the flavors.”
– Dave
Wyler’s Light – Lemonade


“Inexplicably the first beverage flavoring I have not grown tired of within a few weeks”
– Wesley
Wyler’s Light – Lemonade

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